Tricentis Device Cloud – Tosca Mobile Testing Against Real Devices

Ad | We all know that mobile testing is hard. There are thousands of different mobile devices on the market. They have different hard- and software combinations, which makes the lives of software testers as well as mobile developers extremely hard.

Mobile teams need to find a way to handle the device fragmentation to execute the mobile tests against different device configurations. Testing against emulators or simulators is not the solution. Building up an own internal device farm is possible, but definitely a full time job for one or more people.

The easiest way to handle this situation is to use a mobile device cloud with real devices. In my latest video, I am showing you the latest product updates from Tricentis. The Tricentis Device Cloud (TDC). The video will show you, how to use it from Tricentis Tosca and what data you get from the exploratory test cycles, as well as the automated tests.

Enjoy the video 👇

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