Generative AI Software Testing – testRigor

Ad | AI in software testing is the topic of 2023 so far in our community! Many of you are concerned about AI taking over the role from us, software testers. I don’t see that coming, but I see a change coming to all of us. AI will help us in the software testing community to work faster and more efficient. Many tool providers are already working on solutions on how to integrate AI in their products and how they can make our lives but also the work in a software development team easier.

testRigor is one of those providers. testrigor offers not only AI features but much more than that. With testRigor you can automate web, mobile, APIs, desktop apps, phone calls and SMS as well as two-factor authentication. Take a look at the long list of supported features here.

testRigor already offers a great way to use AI. Their generative AI approach will blow your mind. See, how easy it is to generate a test automation script in seconds.

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