Seamless Software Testing with Supercharged AI – Katalon

Ad | For those of you reading my blog and watching my videos know that I am a big fan of AI in software testing. I already recorded some videos on the topic.

In the following video, I am showing you hands-on another great software testing product using the power of AI. This time I am showing you 2 features from Katalon. The first one is the Katalon GPT solution for JIRA. With the help of the Katalon GPT plugin for JIRA it’s super easy to generate test cases based on tickets or user stories. With a single click on a button you will get powerful test cases. The AI powered feature is Studio Assist inside Katalon Studio. With the help of openAI you can generate test automation scripts in seconds by just adding a comment to your test script. On the other side, you can use an explain code feature to get a detailed overview of what the code is doing 🤯. But see yourself both features in action.

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