I Generated A Software Testing Book With OpenAI 🤯

OpenAI and Chat-GPT are everywhere in 2023, from social media to the local news. It’s crazy what you can do with AI and especially with the chat-gpt (3.5) interface. Some weeks ago I published a video with the title “Will openAI Change Software Testing?” In the video I gave examples on what you can do with openAI and that you should take the output with a grain of salt.

Since the Internet is full of topics with openAI and chat-gpt, I had the idea to generate a complete book with AI technology. So I started the experiment and entered the following sentence into the simple interface from chat-gpt

Please write a book outline about software testing

Comprehensive Guide to Software Testing: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

The result I saw was pretty amazing. The AI generated the outline as well as a title for the book.

I copied the outline to a text file and continued my journey. I entered every paragraph from each outline. It took me around 2 hours to get the complete book generated and copied to a text file 🤯. Until then I haven’t really checked the output. I was too focused to copy the text.

Once done I was cross checking the content chat-gpt generated. Well, what should I say, it’s OK. It’s basic knowledge for each section of a chapter. Not really going into details. But as a starting point not bad. I think it’s an OK book for beginners.

I also uploaded the book to leanpub.com where you can download it from: https://leanpub.com/SoftwareTestingGuide/ for free!

NOTE: I generated the book only as an experiment. I never want to make any revenue with it. The book is free, the suggested price of $7,99 is something leanpub added as a default value, which I can’t get rid of!

Take a look at the video 👇 to get some more information about the process of generating a book and what I think about it as an author who spent more than a year in writing on his own book.