What Are The Hidden Weaknesses of Mobile Device Clouds?

A mobile device has become our daily partner. No matter which digital task has to be performed, the device is with us, helping us to solve the problem. Modern mobile devices are packed with powerful hardware running all kinds of mobile apps, and it seems like there is no end when it comes to new innovations and solutions. But, with this never ending innovation cycle comes an equal amount of challenges for mobile development teams and mobile testers.

To solve these challenges, some companies turn to mobile device clouds, with the goal of outsourcing the device selection and maintenance process. There are many different mobile device cloud providers on the market which offer a great set of features to cover the challenge of mobile device fragmentation.

Mobile Device Clouds Have Hidden Weaknesses

However, mobile device clouds have hidden weaknesses every mobile development team may not be aware of. This article describes the 5 hidden weaknesses of mobile device clouds.

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