The Really Tough Challenges In Mobile Test Automation

Mobile testing isn’t easy. It poses many different challenges to you as a software tester or mobile developer. For example, there are the different devices that you need to handle with the different hard- and software combinations. On top of that, the devices offer a plethora of sensors that your mobile application can interact with. The built-in sensors can have a huge impact on your mobile application. In the worst case your app can crash and will stop working because the integration with the sensor has a bug.

Next to the device challenges, there are many different mobile testing scenarios to consider when testing mobile apps. For example, you should test for interrupts, app permissions, accessibility, usability, gestures, 3rd party app integration, local storage, mobile networks or battery consumption just to name a few (for more information see the Mobile Testing Cheat Sheet). 

Mobile Testing Poses Hard Challenges To Development Teams

All these scenarios come again on top of the regular feature testing. And last but not least, mobile users have high expectations when it comes to mobile apps and their quality. This adds even more pressure on mobile development teams.

This all sounds stressful when working in a mobile development team, right? And I haven’t even mentioned mobile test automation yet.

Mobile test automation adds another challenge to your long list of things to cover during the day to day work in a mobile development team. Finding the right test automation tool isn’t easy. Setting up the test automation solution, integrating it into a CI/CD pipeline as well as writing and maintaining the test scripts is more than a full time job.

Mobot Is Here To Help

For those of you working already in mobile development or testing, know that there are features that are hard or nearly impossible to automate. For example, leaving the app context while running an automated script, to test something on the operating system level e.g. the settings, is not possible or easy to do for the mentioned tools

Do you want to know how real robots can help you solve the tough challenges in mobile test automation?

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