Update on Latest Blog Posts And More

It’s been a while since I published something on my own blog. However, I was busy writing blog posts for other projects or creating YouTube videos for my channel ☺️. In this post I want to give you an update on the blog posts I published on other sides, maybe they are of interest to you.

Blog Posts For TestProject

In the last couple of months I wrote the following three blog posts for the TestProject blog. The main focus of the blog posts is mobile testing. How to create a mobile testing test strategy, important mobile testing techniques to know and last but not least 10 things to do before you submit an app to the app stores. Enjoy reading them and let me know what you think.




Other Projects I am Working On

Besides the mentioned blog posts, I am currently also working together with PractiTest on some new content. Stay tuned for an update ☺️. Other than that I am busy creating new video content for my YouTube channel. On August 15th at 2pm CET, I am hosting a live ask me anything event. In case you have time, feel free to join here.

And finally, I am working on different conference talks. One talk will be for the Testμ conference hosted by Lambdatest. This talk will be about leading a testing team. I am also working on slides for the DL summit, which will take place in November in Cologne, and there is more to come, which I am not allowed yet to talk about ;).

Take a look at the publication page, to see upcoming events I am talking or new blog posts.

If you want me to speak at your conference or you want me to write articles for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via daniel [at] adventuresinqa [dot] com.