Starting Your Software Testing Career – Book Review

Right at the beginning of 2022, I had the pleasure to interview Nicola Lindgren on my YouTube channel about her new book. The book is called Starting Your Software Testing Career. And finally, more than 4 months later I managed to read the book 🙈 🎉. I wanted to write this post much earlier, but life added some other tasks onto my shoulders 😃. But let’s get right into the book review.

Nicola wrote a wonderful book about software testing and what is important to know when you want to start a career as software tester. The book has 185 pages and is divided in 15 chapters. You can read the book in 2 ways. The first way is, from the first to the last page, which I recommend because Nicola added so many valuable insights about software testing, that even I found some new inspirations for my job in the testing industry. And the second way is to jump right into the chapter that is most interesting to you right now. I highly recommend to add some posts next to you, while you are reading to mark important points also for a later point in time.

Every chapter is well structured and is guiding you through the topic. Nicola is setting the stage for each topic and is providing very useful gems of information. Nicola is writing about the basics of software testing. How to gain skills and what is important to know to get the first job as software tester. She is also writing about the hiring process and what to expect.

I really enjoyed reading the chapters about mentoring and the things I wish I knew in my first year of testing. I found myself so many times in that chapter 😀. In later chapters of the book, Nicola is sharing knowledge about bug reports, test cases vs. exploratory testing and implicit requirements. She is also writing about test automation why is it important and when you should use it.

I don’t want to spoil too many things here in the post. No matter for how long you are working in the testing industry, I highly recommend you to read the book. If you have junior colleagues in your department, tell them to read the book. You will not regret it.

If you want to read the book, you can get it at leanpub. Some more information about Nicola, can be found on her blog:

And last but not least, if you want to hear from Nicola about her book, take a look at the interview below ⬇️