5 Software Testing Trends in 2022

The IT world is an ever changing one. Over the last years we have seen many new technologies arising on the market to change our way we use technology. Just to name smartphone devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Along side with new technologies and trends, software developers, product managers as well as software tester must adapt to new trends in technology. They must learn new skills, patterns and approaches in order to keep up with the changes.

In one of my lasted videos on my YouTube channel, I took some time to check the market for new as well as established technologies and how they impact the software testing industry in 2022.

In the video I am sharing my view of the 5 software testing trends for 2022. I don’t want to spoil too much, but just naming 2 of them in this blog post. The first trend that I see for 2022 is Internet of Things (IoT). You may ask yourself why, since this is not a new technology. Well, IoT is still on the rise and companies still catching up with new technology and how to interact with them. The second trend I see is No-Code or Low-Code technologies. They will have in impact on the software development industry, since they are offering a new way of creating software.

But let’s see what 2022 will bring to all of us, and this is enough as a spoiler to my video 😃. If you have some minutes, take a look at the video and let me know in the comments of the video what you think about the mentioned trends.

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