How to get into Software Testing

How to get into software testing? This is the question, that I talked about in my latest video, that I published on my YouTube channel. I talked about my personal way, how I got into software testing and what you can do if you want to become a software tester.

I am sharing useful hints, where you can start with software testing education. I share books, online courses and I am talking about the software testing community, which is awesome 😀. Furthermore, I am talking about the things you can do in order to get your first job as a software tester and about the things you should be careful with. Are you already curious? Then take a look at the video below, or watch it here.

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  • If you need to be certified as software tester
  • How to handle bugs
  • What are great online testing courses and resources
  • Why testing conferences are the best place to be

And there will be more.

Enjoy the latest video, if you want to read about the why I created this channel, make sure to read this post.