Support Your Community

Today, I am writing to you – the software testing community – with a special request. I bet you all are affected by the current virus situation as well. If you are active participants at testing meetups and conferences, you might have seen tweets or emails like the following, in the last days.

Ministry of Testing Pro Membership

I am extremely sad for the whole Ministry of Testing family, that they had to cancel already 2 big events this year, TestBash Detroit and TestBash Brighton. If you have ever attended one of the Ministry of Testing events, you know how loving, caring and engaging those events are. In order to support the Ministry of Testing family, I hereby ask you to purchase a pro membership, to support them in what they are doing – creating a lovely and engaging software testing community.

The pro membership is only £249.99/year and is worth it. You get access to 17 expert online courses, 43 Dojo Masterclass recordings and to more than 450 TestBash conference talks. Especially in times where traveling is not allowed by companies, this is the best way to stay connected to the community and to learn more about software testing and other topics.

So I want you, to get to your people manager by today and ask him or her to get the pro membership from your training budget. Keep in mind, that the price for the pro membership is far less than attending ONE conference.

If you have questions around the pro membership, please let me know. I can tell you more about it!

Link to pro membership.

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post without getting paid by the Ministry of Testing. The Ministry of Testing family did also not ask me to write this blog post! I wrote this blog post on my own initiative to help and support everybody around the Ministry of Testing.

To all my readers, stay healthy!