5 Tips to Improve your Mobile Testing Skills

The overall quality should always have the highest priority on every software product. This is especially the case for mobile products, since mobile customers have much higher expectations of the software running on their personal devices. To keep up with the constantly changing mobile world, especially software testers must improve their testing skills constantly to not lose the race.

In the latest article that I wrote for TestProject.io, you will read about five areas where you can improve your testing skills as a mobile tester. Read the first two tips on my blog and the rest at the blog from TestProject.io.

1. Be Part of Testing Communities

One of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest trends and new technology on the rise is to be actively part of testing and development communities. A very vital, active and healthy testing community every tester should be part of is the Ministry of Testing Community. The main communication channel of this community is slack where testers from around the world share their knowledge not only about mobile testing but also about other fields of interest.

Next to the online community, there are plenty of software testing conferences, where you can learn from other testers while listening to their talks or to attend the hands-on workshops. During such sessions, lots of knowledge is usually transferred and gives you the possibility to talk to the speakers afterwards.

2. Invest in Learning

Being part of a testing community or attending a conference might not be enough to stay up to date. There are formal training courses available on the market, such as BBSTISTQB and others. In these courses, every software tester can learn more about different testing techniques. However, these trainings can be expensive and might not cover the needs of mobile testers. There are alternatives ways, so called mnemonics, to learn about mobile testing and to remember the techniques. The two most known mobile testing heuristics are I SLICED UP FUN from Jonathan Kohl and MOBILE APP TESTING from Daniel Knott. Both mnemonics are great to learn new mobile testing techniques and provide an easy way to keep them in mind.

Next to trainings, courses, mnemonics I highly recommend to read testing related blogs online. There are many great bloggers out there sharing their knowledge for free. A list of great bloggers can be found here.

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Header Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/sfL_QOnmy00