From Mobile Innovations to the Mobile App Store

Every product owner, designer or development team has ideas for a potential new mobile product or feature. Some ideas are worth following, some are not. But how does one know, which idea to follow and which one to drop?

The answer is simple, a team has to try it out. A team has to innovate on mobile product ideas to find out if the product idea is something the customers have waited for and want to use. If a team has lots of new ideas and don’t know which one to innovate first with, it’s recommended to bring all the ideas to a meeting or workshop and to check if e.g. the ideas fit either to the target customers, the needs or solving a specific problem. At the end of the meeting or workshop a prioritized list must be the result.

In order to bring the idea to the app store there are multiple stages a product team must go through. The first phase is the fake it first phase. In this phase the team is drawing rough sketches of the potential new mobile product. The drawings can be done on real paper or with the help of wireframing tools.
The drawings will be connected to a first user flow and later on tested with real customers.

But what comes next? Find this out in my lastest blog post for Applause, I wrote more about this process of innovating on product ideas, which tools to use to create a wireframe and what a mobile innovation lab has to do with mobile product development.

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