Blog Review 2018

And soon we are heading into 2019 and as a tradition of my blog, I always take the opportunity to look back what happened in the last year. The year 2018 was different for me. In terms of blogging and working. I shifted my focus from writing on my own blog to other blogs to support them with hopefully valuable content.

Also as a tradition I like to share numbers about my readers, where there are coming from how many of you visited my blog and so on. However, I can’t deliver this information to you anymore. The reason is simple, thanks to new GDPR law in Europe, I removed ALL the tracking from the blog. I have no idea where you are coming from and how often you are here.

But that is totally OK for me and I think for you as well 😉.


My testing highlights for this year where the 3 conferences I attended as a speaker. One of my favorite testing conferences on this planet are the Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn.

It was fun to meet all the testing friends again and to have a nice speakers event, as you can see on the picture above 😊.

Next highlight was the first one day testing conference in Porto, organized by the guys from Porto Tester Meetup (

It was great to support this nice and friendly testing community in Portugal. Thanks for having me.

And last but not least in September it was #OktoberTest again in Munich. This year I had the chance to give a talk at the Testbash and I really enjoyed it.

Being part of a testbash is always being part of a big family. If you never attend one, here is my advice for 2019. Check the event dates on and make sure to attend one of the upcoming testbashes, you won’t regret. However, the same applies for many other testing conferences out there. It’s fun to talk with other testers and to share knowledge and experiences.


Next to the conferences I attended I tried something new. Together with Ron Werner, we recorded multiple podcasts around the topic of mobile testing in German. Yes, I know, why in German and not in English. We wanted to have something special for the German market, since there is no German testing podcast. But stay tuned, 2019 is coming 😉.

At the end of my review I want to say thank you to the following companies I worked with in 2018:


Next to the amazing companies I was able to work with many nice people throughout 2018. Thank you all for the nice talks and discussions. I wish you all a nice and calm christmas time and a good start into 2019.

Stay tuned for some nice upcoming testing updates in 2019.