Mobile User Expectations

An average mobile user is checking his or her phone every six minutes and has around 40 apps installed. Checking the phone every six minutes means that an average user is looking more than 200 times a day at the mobile phone. If you have ever checked the mobile reviews in the biggest mobile app stores you can see that mobile users have a very high expectation. If an app needs more than two seconds to start, a mobile user is very likely to uninstall the app and leave a bad review and rating. The same goes for crashes during the startup, bad overall performance or a bad user experience.

The mobile user experience is key of success for a mobile app. A mobile app must have a really good design where all the logos, images and texts are optimized for a small screen. It’s important that an app is following the platform specific guidelines.
Furthermore, it’s important that an app is not consuming too much battery as well as mobile data.

If an app relies on images, it’s important to minimize the size to have faster loading times. An app should have a minimum amount of taps to solve a user problem. For example, provide the number keyboard for number input fields to avoid one unnecessary tap for a user.

To meet the high mobile user expectations, mobile testing is a crucial part in the development lifecycle and must performed by testing experts.

In one of my latest blog post, that I wrote for Applause, I outlined the importance of mobile user experience when it comes to the high mobile user expectation.

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