Reading Recommendations # 89

The 89 issue of my reading recommendations contains 7 very interesting blog posts with topics about “Barcamp experience – Sessions and outlook for 2018”, “Dev*Ops”, “9 Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have”, “Writing Automation is Easy”, “When Do You Stop Testing? “, “Conducting Security Testing for Web Applications” and “What sets exceptional QA testers apart?”.

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Reading Recommendations - Barcamp experienceBarcamp experience – Sessions and outlook for 2018 – A Testers Odyssee An QA barcamp experience report as an attendee, insight into some sessions. And will there be a barcamp 2018? (Spoiler: Yes, it will be)

Dev*Ops « Developsense Blog A while ago, someone pointed out that Development and Operations should work together in order to fulfill the needs and goals of the business, and lo, the DevOps movement was born. On the face of it, that sounds pretty good… except when I wonder: how screwed up must things have got for that to sound…
Reading Recommendations - 9 Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have9 Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have
Reading Recommendations - Writing Automation is EasyWriting Automation is Easy
Reading Recommendations - When Do You Stop Testing?When Do You Stop Testing? » Stories from a Software Tester
Reading Recommendations - Conducting Security Testing for Web ApplicationsConducting Security Testing for Web Applications
Reading Recommendations - What sets exceptional QA testers apart?What sets exceptional QA testers apart?

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