Mobile Testing Checklist

Every new feature that is implemented on a mobile app must be tested. Of course, software testers can write long test cases and test plans but we all know that the requirements of feature can and most likely will change during the development phase. Sometimes new requirements are showing up or requirements are not important or valid anymore. If a huge test plan have been written it needs to be adapted and this is time consuming. A couple of blog posts I published the mobile testing cheat sheet, to help you not to forget to test important aspects of mobile testing. In this blog post I want to share a quick mobile testing checklist which may help you to concentrate on 10 very important things to test. Besides that I recommend you to create mind-maps instead of long test cases to outline your tests against the requirements.

Mobile Testing Checklist

  1. Use your testing mind-map to test the app against the requirements.
  2. Test the app against different operating system versions and manufacturers.
  3. Test the app in portrait and landscape mode.
  4. Test the app on different screen resolutions and screen densities.
  5. Test the app in different mobile networks.
  6. If the app uses device-specific hardware functions, test for GPS, camera or sensors.
  7. Check the battery usage while the app is running.
  8. Check the log files during the testing e.g. with ADB or Xcode.
  9. Test the app for interrupts.
  10. Test the update procedure of the app.

Note: This list is by no means complete, it’s a list that I use to check apps quickly.

I highly recommend you to create your own checklist for your apps. Checklists are created really fast and have a huge impact on your testing. If you have your own mobile specific checklist, it would be cool if you can share it via a comment.