Reading Recommendations # 87

The 87 issue of my reading recommendations contains 6 very interesting blog posts. The are topics about “Cake, Coffee and some POT”, “Who are these ominous “testers”?”, “Mobile Testing Tools”, “A Tester’s Journey: Select Your Team”, “How often you should run your automation” and “Confidence’s Role in Software Testing”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Cake, Coffee and some POT - Reading RecommendationsCake, Coffee and some POT – Tales of Testing

Who are these ominous “testers”? - Reading RecommendationsWho are these ominous “testers”?
Mobile Testing Tools - Reading RecommendationsMobile Testing Tools
Select Your Team - Reading RecommendationsA Tester’s Journey: Select Your Team
Reading Recommendations - How often you should run your automationHow often you should run your automation – Mobile Automation Testing In this article I’m going to describe several strategies on how frequently you should run automation in your project. I will try to tackle all the possible variations, so everyone will be able to pick something out that suites for his/her project. You can ask, why are there more than one possible solution? The answer…
Confidence’s Role in Software Testing - Reading RecommendationsConfidence’s Role in Software Testing – Do you hear “QA is a bottleneck” in your organization? Maybe the test team lacks confidence in the quality of code historically delivered by development

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