Reading Recommendations # 81

This is the 81 issue of my reading recommendations contains 7 very interesting blog posts and many of them cover mobile testing and development. This time with “Learning QA with Gamification”, “React Native at Instagram”, “Handling nerves when public speaking”, “Page Objects – Mobile Automation Testing”, “Discomfort as a Tool for Change”, “Stress-testing Android apps” and “Set your APP into the testable state”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Learning QA with Gamification - Reading RecommendationsLearning QA with Gamification – Testhexen

React Native at Instagram - Reading RecommendationsReact Native at Instagram
Handling nerves when public speaking - Reading RecommendationsNicky Tests Software: Handling nerves when public speaking
Page Objects - Mobile Automation Testing - Reading RecommendationsPage Objects – Mobile Automation Testing Nowadays there are a lot of talks about page objects and the screenplay pattern. Let me also express some thoughts regarding this. In this article I will apply practical knowledge on the sample mobile project using Calabash framework. But first… If you don’t use page objects in your project, do it! Seriously, just drop other…
Discomfort as a Tool for Change - Reading RecommendationsDiscomfort as a Tool for Change
Stress-testing Android apps - Reading RecommendationsStress-testing Android apps
Set your APP into the testable state - Reading RecommendationsSet your APP into the testable state – Mobile Automation Testing Sometimes, you may come up with the idea to shorten time of your tests execution by preparing your APP to be in the testable state for the moment when the test starts. This totally makes sense, especially in mobile UI automation which is incredibly slow. Some people call this approach “Power over purity”. We will…

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