Workshop at Testbash Netherlands

It’s TestBash time! This time TestBash Netherlands 2017 in Utrecht. In the beginning of September Huib Schoots announced the program for the first TestBash Netherlands in 2017. If you have ever been to a TestBash conference, you know how fun and awesome this conference is. The style is completely different compared to other conferences and is all about the software testing community.

The conference will take place in Utrecht from 26th January (workshop day) – 27th January (conference day). The first day is always full of great workshops and if you plan to attend the TestBash Netherlands next year, you have the choice to attend my workshop about mobile testing.

Here is my workshop description:

Is Mobile Testing Really Different? – By Daniel Knott

Mobile phones are available since the middle of the 1980s. Since then, the devices changed savagely but the biggest change happened in 2007, when the first iPhone was presented by Apple. Since then, the mobile smartphone market knows only one direction – UP! Since 10 years touch devices are everywhere, from smartphones, to tablets and to wearables.

More smartphones are sold than PCs and millions of apps are available to download in the app stores of the biggest vendors. But what about the quality of those apps? Are those apps reliable, trust worthy, easy to use, well developed and tested? Since mobile apps and the whole mobile market is exploding, many software testers are still unclear about how to test mobile apps accordingly and how to align the test strategy when working with mobile technologies.

In this hands-on workshop, Daniel will explain the mobile specific testing challenges that every software tester has to handle. In several exercises, you will have the opportunity to try out mobile test techniques straight away. Daniel will provide information on how to handle device fragmentation and how to setup a mobile test strategy. Most of the time of the workshop will be used to test mobile apps on real devices, browsers or emulators. However, for one or two exercises it would be great to bring the following equipment.


  • A laptop running the Android SDK. (Find the installation instructions here (
  • At least one Android emulator configured.
  • A USB cable to connect a device to your computer.
  • At least one real mobile device (iOS or Android).
  • Latest Chrome browser installed.
  • And one more thing, since this is a workshop for you, please bring your mobile testing questions to the workshop, we will find the time to talk about them.

Takeaways after the workshop:

  • Knowledge about the mobile market.
  • Mobile specific test techniques.
  • How to modify user agents to test mobile web pages.
  • How to handle device fragmentation.
  • How to create your own mobile test strategy.
  • How to perform a stress test on a real device.

Sounds great for you? Than hurry and catch a ticket with the super early bird here. The super early bird ends 30th of September. The complete program including workshops & talks can be found here.

Here are the dates and the location of the event again.

Thursday 26th January 9.00am (registration will open at 8am): Workshops
Friday 27th January 9.00am (registration will open at 8am): Conference

Zaalverhuur 7: Boothstraat 7, 3512 BT Utrecht

I really hope to see you in Utrecht!