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Today, I want to try something new. Maybe you have read my blog review 2015 in December and you have noticed that I wrote 104 blog posts in 2015. However, I want to scale the amount of blog posts on this blog and therefore I need your help. I am looking for guest blog posts like the one from Brian Hamilton or the one from Joel Montvelisky.

If you are working as a software tester, software engineer in test, scrum master with a focus on high quality software or you are a product manager who loves to ship high quality product this might be of interest for you. Maybe you want to share your knowledge in a guest blog post here. However, there is no need to be an expert in your role, I would love to see guest blog posts from every level of experience, from junior to senior. From my point of view it doesn’t matter which skill level you have, I think that everyone has something to share :).

Maybe the guest blog posts on my blog will help you to develop your writing skills and will help you to learn more about the area you are working in. So if you are interesting in writing an guest blog post, please get in contact with me. You will find my email in the about me section.

Guest Blog Posts:

To give you some guidance those areas are very interesting for my blog and the readers of it:

  • General software testing
  • General mobile testing
  • Different testing techniques
  • Testing tools
  • Software testing mindset
  • Learnings about software testing
  • Agile software testing
  • And many more

As I mentioned above, if you are not a software tester but you have some nice blog post ideas about the software development industry let me know.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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