Win a Copy of Hands-On Mobile App Testing

Time flies, my book Hands-On Mobile App Testing was published in the printed edition one year ago. Since then so many people wrote me via mail, twitter, facebook, XING or LinkedIn that they like the book and that they found it really useful. This kind of feedback feels really good and makes me happy.

In June last year I posted the following picture on twitter after I received a huge box of books :).

And because of the one year anniversary of the printed edition of my book, you have the chance again to win a signed copy of it. In total there are three books to win. All you have to do is to write a comment until 30th of June 2016 to this post. After that date I will pick the winners, inform them, ask them for their shipping address and will sign each book with a unique signature.

In addition it would be really great if you follow me on twitter or press the like button on facebook.

If you are already interested in a chapter of the book, visit the TESTHuddle page, where you can download the third chapter of it.

Good luck and #HappyTesting.