Testbash Manchester

Testers of the world will (re)unite on October 21-22nd 2016 in Manchester (UK) for the most awesome, friendliest and jam packed software testing conference ever – Testbash Manchester.

The program:

  • Don’t Think So Close To Me: Managing Critical and Social Distance in Testing – James Bach
  • Psychology of Asking Questions – Iain Bright
  • On Positivity – Turning That Frown Upside Down – Kim Knup
  • Testers! Be More Salmon! – Duncan Nisbet
  • The 4-hour Tester Experiment (No Testers Were Harmed In The Process) – Helena Jeret-Mäe and Joep Schuurkes
  • A Road to Awesomeness – Huib Schoots
  • Listening: An Essential Skill For Software Testers – Stephen Mounsey
  • Getting The Message Across – Beren Van Daele
  • Is Test Causing Your Live Problems? – Gwen Diagram
  • The Deadly Sins Of Acceptance Scenarios – Mark Winteringham

Early bird tickets are still available until end of May, but you should hurry, I bet the tickets are sold out very soon. Tickets