Reading Recommendations # 61

What a week! It seems that many great software testers out there had time to write some awesome blog posts. The 61st edition of my reading recommendations contains 10 interesting blog posts with various topics that might be of interest for you. There are topics about “The Problem With Best Practices”, “balance between testing activities”, “hiring technical testers”, “The “Mindset” Mindset”, “The craziest bug I have ever seen”, “Why is Manual QA Still So Prevalent?”, “Software Testing Learning MindMap”, “The abysmal state of ‘testing’ in 2016”, “MVP or not?! – A misunderstood pic goes viral” and “Something is off with conference talk selection”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Best practices don't make you the best. - Reading RecommendationsThe Problem With Best Practices | Fast Company | Business + Innovation Best practices don’t make you the best. They make you the average of everyone else who follows them.

AMA: balance between testing activities - Reading RecommendationsAMA: balance between testing activities
AMA: hiring technical testers - Reading RecommendationsAMA: hiring technical testers
The Mindset - Reading RecommendationsThe “Mindset” Mindset – Alfie Kohn
The craziest bug I have ever seen - Reading RecommendationsThe craziest bug I have ever seen
Why is Manual QA Still So Prevalent? - Reading RecommendationWhy is Manual QA Still So Prevalent? | Selenium Testing? Cross Browser Testing with Sauce Labs This past week I casually heard comments alluding to the imminent death of the QA Analyst or Manual Tester.
Software Testing Learning MindMap - Reading RecommendationsSoftware Testing Learning MindMap – Technophile Tester
The abysmal state of testing in 2016 - Reading RecommendationsThe abysmal state of ‘testing’ in 2016 | A Priori
MVP or not?! – A misunderstood pic goes viral - Reading RecommendationsMVP or not?! – A misunderstood pic goes viral
Something is off with conference talk selection - Reading RecommendationsA Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball: Something is off with conference talk selection

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