State of Testing Report 2016

It’s here, the results of the latest state of testing report from 2016. I just got the information from Joel and Lalit that the results are ready to share with the whole world and the testing community. I hope you participated in the survey to see how the whole software testing community is evolving and improving.

In 2015 more than 900 people (2013: 600 people participated), software testers, from all over the world participated in the survey and the insights where just great. If you want to see 2015 results read my blog post from last year. For the 2016 survey the goal was to reach even more software testers out there and the results is just awesome. More than 1,000 software testing professionals from more than 60 countries participated in the survey. Here is a short overview of the top 4 countries:

  1. 48% from Europe and Russia
  2. 21% from USA and Canada
  3. 11% from India
  4. 7% from Asia (without India)

Another interesting number is the size of a testing team. The software testers who participated in the survey gave the following insights into the size of the testing department.

  • 34% have 1-5 testers in the company
  • 25% 6 – 15 testers
  • 21% 16 – 50 testers
  • 20% 51+ testers

And I promise the 2016 results provide some more great insights. The goal of the survey is to provide the most accurate information about our testing profession and the whole software testing community. More than 20 leading bloggers from around the world supported the state of testing survey to spread the word about it and to make the whole survey a success.

State of Testing Report

The 2016 survey results provide insights into the following areas:

  • Testers professional profile
  • How testers are working
  • Skills of a tester
  • Testing process
  • Testing challenges
  • Predictions to the future

I highly recommend to read the whole survey to get the current state of our community. Please help to spread the word about the 2016 results and to make the 2017 state of testing report even more aware to other software testers out there.

The whole survey report can be downloaded from here.