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Reading Recommendations # 50

Amazing, this is already the 50th edition of the reading recommendations. I hope you liked them so far. This week there are 7 interesting blog posts with various topics that might be of interest for you. This time there are articles from Markus Gärtner, Lisa Crispin and Richard Bradshaw just to name some of the great bloggers in this series.

There are posts about “Testing Beyond the UI”, “It’s not all about the devices”, “Few Best Practices Around Mobile Testing Agility”, “What Flaky Tests Can Tell You”, “Testing inside one sprint’s time”, “Helping a large team focus!” and “Why Was This Check Created?”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Adventures in Automation: Testing Beyond the UIAdventures in Automation: Testing Beyond the UI: The Testing Pyramid

Mobile Application Testing – It's Not All About the DevicesMobile Application Testing – It’s Not All About the Devices – Thinking Through Testing Because of the proliferation of devices and operating systems, our test strategy needs to have a “smart” approach for our mobile application testing.
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottFew Best Practices Around Mobile Testing Agility

This article was recommended by Daniel Martinez. Thanks

What Flaky Tests Can Tell YouWhat Flaky Tests Can Tell You
Testing inside one sprint’s timeTesting inside one sprint’s time | Markus Gärtner
Adventures in Retrospectives: Helping a large team focus! Adventures in Retrospectives: Helping a large team focus! – Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
Friendly Tester: Why Was This Check Created?Friendly Tester: Why Was This Check Created?

Thank you to my colleague Daniel Martinez who send me the article about flaky tests and which I highly recommend to read. Daniel is working as a software tester at XING Barcelona and you can follow him on twitter.

If you have any kind of article/ post, podcast or video don’t hesitate to send me the URL and I will add it to the reading recommendations.