EuroStar Conference – How to get on Board

The EuroStar conference is one of the software testing conferences in Europe that every tester should try to attend. It is a great conference to meet great software testers from all over the world to exchange and share your own knowledge and to learn something new. Maybe you consider talking at EuroStar 2016 then you have a chance to submit a paper until 05.02.2016. This years conference topic is “Learning to Test, Testing to Learn”. If you consider to send a paper to the conference have a look at the following video where several software testing experts give tips why and how you should send your paper.

How to apply for EuroStar?

Furthermore, there are several blog post available around the EuroStar conference that provide useful information to become part of this conference. I recommend you to read the following articles to get a better understanding what the program chair is looking for.

The conference will take place in Stockholm from 31.10.2016 – 03.11.2016. Maybe we see each other in Sweden.