Reading Recommendations # 47

The 47th edition of the reading recommendations contains 6 interesting blog posts with various topics that might be of interest for you. Rosie Sherry posted an article on Ministry Of Testing with the topic “What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face in 2016?”. The post contains challenges and solutions from various mobile experts. Another post is dealing with the topic of automate Amazon. The third post has the topic “Become Certified Book Reading Tester” which is intereseting to read. And the last but not least posts for this edition have the topics “Outdated testing concepts #2”, January edition of the women testers magazine and “Can agile scale and does it matter?”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face In 2016?What Mobile Challenges Do Software Testers Face In 2016? – Ministry of Testing

Adventures in Automation: Automate Amazon: Writing a Shopping Cart TestAdventures in Automation: Automate Amazon: Writing a Shopping Cart Test
Become Certified Book Reading TesterBecome Certified Book Reading Tester | Knowledge Tester There are two type of testers; those who read and those who don’t. If you are reading this blog, I’m happy that you belong to the former and you have a 100% chance to improve yourself as a Tester. The problem with knowledge is that as you know more, you realize that you know less.…
Outdated testing concepts #2Outdated testing concepts #2 – Mr.Slavchev() From the first days of our career we are marked with the stamp of quality guardians, but is this really true or just one more outdated software testing myth
Can agile scale and does it matter?Can agile scale and does it matter? | CIO Most of the literature on scaling addresses overcoming objections and how best to do it. Matthew Heusser posits that ‘Does agile scale?’ is simply asking the wrong question.

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