Mobile Tester – Android at XING

We, the XING Android Team are looking for a mobile tester (male/ female) with a strong focus on Android. We are a cross-functional agile team including developers, testers, designers, interaction designers, product owners and some other stakeholders. Every two weeks we are releasing a new Android app version to our customers starting with a beta rollout to check if everything is running OK. Before we go into beta and start the stage rollout of the XING Android app we do lots of stuff in order to make sure that the app is working as expected and to deliver high quality to our customers.

We do code reviews, test sessions, manual and automated testing as well as testing in the wild. The testers in the team are working really close with the developers, the product managers and other team members from the very beginning of the discovery phase to the release of the app.

Since we are looking for an experienced mobile tester you must have strong developing skills in Java, Ruby or other object oriented programming languages. For our automated checks of the Android app we are using tools such as Espresso and Robolectric to ensure that the existing features are still OK.

Therefore, Espresso skills are a must for this position. Other than that it is important that you have experience with the known functional and non-functional testing techniques to challenge our developers every day. As for every software tester you must have strong communications skills and the required curiosity to ask the right questions at the very beginning of a new feature.

An ISTQB certification is not required, as we all know what the value of this piece of paper is. A plus would be if you could show us e.g. your GitHub profile, blog or any other contribution to the software testing community. Since we are a team with lots of different nationalities you must have strong English speaking skills.

If you want to get an idea of the challenges we face currently at XING, I recommend reading the following article. Where a former colleague describes, how we are scaling our mobile development from a core mobile team to several mobile teams.

Scaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain TeamsScaling Mobile at XING: Platform, Framework and Domain Teams This article describes learning from XING on how to scale mobile development such that as many teams as necessary can contribute to the development of mobile apps (on both iOS and Android platforms) and at the same time keep the apps consistent, stable and shiny. It summarizes the key decisions and structural changes they made in order to enable scaling mobile from 2 to 10 teams.

To get some more impression about the work life at XING and the Android team you will be working with, have a look at the following pictures:

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We also have some dogs in the office but take a look at the videos:

As you can see, XING is great place to work and offers lots of benefits for the employees. The following list shows some of them:

Summary of Benefits:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Sabbatical programs.
  • Wide range of courses.
  • Attending software testing conferences.
  • Support to speak at conferences.
  • Regular team events.
  • HackWeeks
  • Free drinks and organic fruit.
  • Public transport ticket.
  • Restaurant vouchers and travel insurance.
  • A free smartphone or tablet that you can use privately.
  • MacBook Pro, Windows or Linux PC.

If you are interested in the position as mobile tester or you have any kind of question, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via XING

If you don’t have a XING account, no problem just send me a message to daniel.knott [at] XING [dot] [com].

I am really looking forward working with you in the same team. For further details about XING you can also read and check:

PS: If you are a developer, product owner, designer or scrum master take a look at our current job offers.