Reading Recommendations # 45

The 45th edition of the reading recommendations contains 6 blog posts with different topics and one podcast. This edition contains an interesting series on buying your next testing devices. The series was published on uTest by Patryk Raba. Furthermore, this edition contains the following topics: “Testing Challenge Project Balto”, “Talking about Testing”, “Why testers are not taken seriously” and “An approach to refactoring test automation”. The podcast is from the testing podcast “Testing in the Pub” and has the topic “Leaving Testing”.

I highly recommend to listen to the podcast, there are some very interesting insights in it.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me new ones that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottBuying your next testing device

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottBuying your next testing device pt.2
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting Challenge Project Balto
Testing In The PubTesting In The Pub Episode 24 – Leaving Testing – Testing In The Pub Welcome to Testing In The Pub, your regular podcast all about software testing and delivery.
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTalking About Testing – Stephen Janaway
Why testers are not taken seriously…Why testers are not taken seriously… |Why testers are not taken seriously… – Magnifiant: exploring software testing
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: An approach to refactoring test automation

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