93 Most Popular Software Testing Blogs In 2015

93 Most Popular Software Testing Blogs In 2015 - Adventures in QASince 2014 TestBuffet is creating a list of the most popular software testing blogs from the last year. TestBuffet defines itself like this:

“Our goal is to bring structure in this web of information. We gather software testing related blogs from around the world, assign them a category and rank those blogs by their popularity. This could be a good place for testers to start reading.”

And TestBuffet is a great place to find various software testings from around the world. In order to be considered in the ranking a blog has to meet specific entry criteria. The criteria are:

  • At least three blog posts between 1st of January to the next year January.
  • The blog is offering a feed and can be accessed without any errors.
  • The blog is about software testing.

Last year 114 blogs were ranked to be worth reading and my blog www.adventuresinqa.com was ranked on position 29, which was a huge success for me. For the best blogs in 2015, 353 software testing blogs participated in the ranking, but just 93 passed all the criteria and this list is now available here.

The really cool thing is, that my blog is now in the TOP 20 of the most popular software testing blogs in 2015. I managed to improve my position by 10 places from 29 to 19. It is a very nice feeling to know, that the content that I am producing is helpful and appreciated by the community. When you look at the ranking you will find so many great people who are blogging and sharing their software testing knowledge  with others. It makes me proud to be part of the software testing community and to be ranked with all those experts!

If you are interested in the top 5 blogs from 2015 here they are:

  1. Software testing help
  2. James Bach’s blog
  3. Google Testing Blog
  4. Association for Software Testing
  5. DevelopSense Blog

Congratulations to all blogger who made it to the ranking and please keep up to awesome work to make the testing community a special one.