My Interviews on Mobile Testing

Lately I was interviewed by Ryan Arsenault from Aberdeen Group on the blog TechProEssentials and by Srinivas Kadiyala for the Testing Circus magazine. Both interviews had a focus on mobile testing, my role as mobile tester, my current challenges at work, how I started my career in software testing and how I started my book about mobile testing. Maybe my interviews on mobile testing are interesting for you and will provide you with some new insights in my daily work life.

The following list is an excerpt from the questions I answered for the TechProEssentials:

  • You’re a Senior Software Test Engineer, specifically on mobile apps, at XING AG, a business social network in Germany. Could you describe your role?
  • Why is testing historically a “lesser” position, then say, a developer, in some organizations? With high-profile security breaches and many embarrassing bugs for organizations (i.e. in the US) raising the importance of testing, would you say that the image of the software tester has changed for the better?
  • As you’ve just mentioned, users have really high expectations. You’ve even cited in some of your presentations that 80-90% of apps get deleted after their first usage. Does this correlate with a poor user experience?
  • What are the main things you’re looking for when you’re “breaking an app”?
  • What’s the biggest misconception about your job from folks that aren’t in IT?

The complete interview can be found here.

The second interview I gave in October was for the 61st edition of the Testing Circus magazine. Srinivas Kadiyala asked me how I started my testing career, how I ended up in the mobile testing business and more mobile testing questions. The following list also contains an excerpt of the questions I answered:

  • How did you begin your career in testing?
  • Did you start working as Mobile Tester?
  • What are the important skills a mobile tester should have? How Can every tester becomes specialization in mobile testing?
  • You have written a book, “Hands on Mobile App Testing”. How did it start?
  • If you have to name only five books that every tester should read which ones those would be and why?

The complete interview as well as other very interesting articles can be found in the 61st edition of the Testing Circus here.

Have fun reading both interviews and a big thank you to Ryan and Srinivas for interviewing me. If you are interested in my publications have a look at my list here.