Reading Recommendations # 35

The 35th issue of the reading recommendation contains 8 posts. This time there is another great blog post from Katrina Clokie about Continuous Delivery Testing Pathway, which I highly recommend to read. Furthermore there are topics about “QA people are not testers, or are they?”, “Testing Skills – Abductive Reasoning”, “Will my Robot be the first Non-human to gain ISTQB Software Testing Certification?”, “The Future of Management”, “Public Speaking Tips”, “Getting your Guilds going” and “How to Test Mobile Analytics”.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Continuous Delivery Testing Pathway

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottQA people are not testers, or are they?
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottThe expected result was 42. Now what was the test?: Testing skills – Abductive Reasoning
Will my Robot be the first Non-human to gain ISTQB Software Tester Certification? | iTesting It occurred to me the other day that, if I am to get my new Robot to become an effective software tester, what better way to begin it’s development/education than to sign it up for an online ISTQB Foundation training course and corresponding ANZTB-facilitated (Foundation with Agile extension) exam. After all, almost 400,000 software testers…
The Future Of Management – Uncharted Waters There is trouble in paradise, there was bound to be. We are finally getting reports of how the latest management and organizational structure, Holacracy, works in practice. When I say reports, what I mean is that the sweet sweet kool-aid of new and shiny has worn off a bit and people are finally willing to talk about their experiences.
Public Speaking Tips: How to Capture and Hold People’s Attention | First you must grab your listeners’ attention–then you need to hold it. Check out these simple ways to do both.
Agile Software Development: Getting your Guilds Going!
How To Test Mobile Analytics | Testmunk Blog

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