Reading Recommendations # 34

The 34th issue of the reading recommendation contains 8 posts. The first post in this issue is dealing with the topic “How to find, Interview and Hire Great Software Testers”. Katrina Clokie wrote again another great pathway post about APIs, Web Services & Microservices. Their is a great post from Neil Studd with the topic “How to Test with non-testers”. Furthermore there are the following topics, “The Essence of Test Automation”, “My Approach to Mobile Accessibility Testing” and “Three interesting bugs”. I also added the link to the current Testing Circus Edition which is always worth reading. And last but not least I added a short slideshare presentation that includes different mobile test automation tools.

Enjoy reading the posts and send me posts that are worth reading and I will mention you and link to your social links or blog.

How to Find, Interview and Hire Great Software Testers – Gurock Quality Hub

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: API, Web Services & Microservices Testing Pathway
How to Test with non-testers – Neil StuddHow to test with non-testers – TEST Huddle
The Essence Of Test Automation – Marcel Mersie
The Essence of Test Automation – TEST Huddle
Testing Circus – August 2015 Edition – Free Software Testing Magazine Testing Circus August 2015 Edition, free software testing magazine. Read Perze Ababa’s interview and other testing articles. 5 Signs of Internet of Stinks.
My Approach to Mobile Accessibility Testing – Software Testing Blog This post is a summary of an article written by our Accessibility expert, Helen Burge.
Enjoy testing: Three interesting bugs
Automated UI Test Frameworks Finding the right test framework is the key for getting your automated process right. This slide-show is a list of a few automated UI test frameworks, each wit…

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