Android Fragmentation Report

As every year since 2012, the guys from OpenSignal release the Android fragmentation report. The latest report was just published and the results of it are amazing and at the same time really scary if you are an Android developer or Android tester. For the 2015 report, 682,000 devices were surveyed and 24,093 distinct Android devices are on the market. Last year in 2014 there were “only” 18,796 devices available. Within one year the Android device market grew by 5,297 more devices, which is amazing if you keep the new iOS devices in mind. Apple released in 2015 (well 2014) only 4 devices. The iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3.

Another amazing number is the amount of Android device manufacturers. In 2015, there are 1,294 mobile device manufacturers on the market. However, Samsung still rules the world with a market share of 37,8%.

Android Fragmentation Report World - Adventures in QA

The report contains again the comparison of screen resolutions and API levels between iOS and Android. Besides that the report also provide nice insights in the rise of sensors.

Android Fragmentation Report Screens iOS - Adventures in QA.png Android Fragmentation Report Screens - Adventures in QA





I highly recommend to read through the latest report here. The reports from 2012, 2013 and 2014 are also worth looking at and to see the change in the Android world.

If you like you can also the download the report as pdf.


Image Sources: All images are from the latest OpenSignal Report.