Reading Recommendations # 26

The 26th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 6 blog posts. The first one is more an announcement for the CAST2015 live stream which will happen in August and which will be a very interesting testing conference. Then there are posts dealing with the topics of mobile testing and how to create a mobile workshop. Katrina wrote a nice post about this. There is another very important post with the topic “How can open source projects deliver high quality software without dedicated testers”. Another post is dealing with “Sick and tired of losing time with Agile estimation”, the room 101 and about the reality of small scale testing.

Enjoy reading the posts.

CAST 2015 to be Live-Streamed for Testers in August The popular context-driven software testing conference will be streaming its CAST 2015 event live for testers on YouTube.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Mobile Testing Taster
How can open source projects deliver high quality software without dedicated testers? | WatirMelon I recently received the following email from a WatirMelon reader Kiran, and was about to reply with my answer when instead I asked to reply via a blog post as I think it’s an interesting topic. “I see most of the Open source projects do not have a dedicated manual QA team to perform any…
Sick and tired of losing time with Agile estimation The Agile Community is filled with people teaching topics like Agile Estimation. This blog post will explain a different approach: NoEstimates approach.
Software Testing – a Sisyphean Task?: Room 101
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottThe Reality of Small Scale Testing – Test Ninjas – We Test Software

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