Reading Recommendations # 25

The 25th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains only 8 blog posts. This time there are great posts about the Testing Coach Cafe Service Menu, Say no to “Bugging” or a post about “How do I test?”. Two very interesting posts are about test data generation with MongoDB, or user stories as a negotiation between problems and solutions. Further posts are dealing with the topic of security testing in the cloud, one is about trust and the last post in this weeks list is dealing with the topic what Internet of Things is NOT.

Enjoy reading the posts.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottKatrina the Tester: Testing Coach Cafe Service Menu

Say No to “Bugging” | Knowledge Tester In one of his classical pieces “The Art of bugging: or Where Do Bugs come from”, Jerry Weinberg suggests that if debugging is the process of removing bugs then bugging should be the process of putting those bugs in. He then list down a set of bugging possibilities in his typical funtastic way. Taking his…
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottHow do I test?: Testing technique workshop
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottUnexpected Automation: Quickly creating test data in MongoDB
User Stories as a Negotiation Between Problems and Solutions – Ministry of Testing
How to Test for Security in the Cloud – Software Testing Blog Many QA teams have moved their security testing approach to the cloud to improve reliability and speed. Here’s a look at how companies can use this method:
Reading Recommendations Daniel Knott Who Do You Trust? | Create An Adaptable Life I fell down again the other day. I was crossing the street, didn’t see that the ramp had a curb and my rollator’s front wheels stuck.  As my rollator fell
What The Internet of Things Is Not All aboard the Internet of Things Hype Train. We’ll break down what exactly the IoT is not, an important factor in gauging the future of this incredible revolution.

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