AWS Device Farm

Amazon announced a new mobile testing service called AWS Device Farm. With the help of this service mobile teams especially mobile testers are able to upload their Android or FireOS app to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud to test it on real Android phones and tablets. The service will be available on 13th of July 2015.
Amazon is using the following slogan to promote the new service:

“Test your app on real devices in the AWS Cloud
Improve the quality of your Android and Fire OS apps by testing them against real smartphones and tablets in the AWS Cloud.”

The service works pretty similar to other services. First you have to upload your Android apk file to the AWS Device Farm. Then you can select the devices you want to use for testing. In this step you should select the devices your customers are using. Then you can run your test automation scripts using Appium, Calabash, or Espresso. At the end you get a test report throughout all devices.

Amazon also offers the integration into CI systems like Jenkins or other software development tools that are used within your team. Besides the test automation setup, you can also set the device into a defined state. You are able to modify the device language, install other apps to simulate the real user environment even more.

If you want to try the Amazon AWS Device Farm, the first 250 minutes are for free. If you want to extend the service you have to pay $0,17 per minute per device or you can rent a real device for $250 per month.

The service Amazon is offering is not new. There are several other cloud testing provider out there offering similar features, but maybe this service fits better into your development and testing infrastructure and you can give it a try.

If you are interesting in further information about the AWS Device Farm, Amazon is offering a webinar on that topic on 30th of July 9AM PT. Get more information about the webinar here.

Thanks to @declanmccormack who pointed me to the new service from Amazon.

[Update] I just got the information from Shauvik (see comments) that Amazon acquired AppThwack and rebranded their service to be part of the AWS family. More details here.

[Update II] Amazon provide a list of all test devices that are available via the AWS device farm.