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Test Talks Logo - Adventures in QAA couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Joe Colantonio the founder of a weekly podcast about test automation. During the interview we spoke about my book and about mobile testing challenges in general. We spoke about the mobile test pyramid, which mobile test automation tools should be used and what makes mobile testing so special compared to other software like web- or desktop applications.

The complete interview is available on and can be found here. Besides the interview, the detail page offer some additional information from the interview as well as further links that might be of interest for you.

Testtalks - Adventures in QA

So far Joe interviewed more than 50 software testing experts from various industries and created a great library of testing podcasts. I highly recommend to listen to the other interviews Joe did.

For example:

There are many more interviews on Joe’s page which are worth listen to. Check them out! I also recommend to follow Joe on twitter.

Thank you Joe for interviewing me and to provide me the chance to be part of this great project!

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