State of Testing Report 2015

In January, I wrote a blog post to announce and to ask for your participation in the new “State Testing Report 2015“. Today, I received a mail from Lalit and Joel that the latest report is now ready and can be shared with all of you. Hopefully, you have participated in this survey and are curious about the results.

In the latest state of testing report 2015, software testers from around the world have participated. Here is a short overview of the countries:

  • Europe and Russia 35%
  • USA/ Canada 22%
  • India 13,5%
  • Asia 11,5%
  • and many more

Furthermore, the testing report includes very interesting numbers about the current state of software testing salaries in the different countries. It describes the professional profile of a software tester. How we, as software testers do test reporting, how we work as testers and which skills are required to survive in our daily jobs. The report also provide insights to testing conferences, testing processes, test automation and testing challenges.

Please have a look at the current State of Testing Report 2015 here.

Thanks again to Lalit and Joel for the whole effort in creating this report!