Reading Recommendations # 21

The 21th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 8 blog posts and one podcast. There are posts dealing with the topics on how to test for security in the field of Internet of Things, how GroupOn automates app performance with testdroid. Another post is showing the cafe service menu from Stephen Janaway, which I highly recommend to read. There is a nice post about the topic “Please, stop telling testers how to test”. Neil Studd wrote a great article about 9-to-5 software testers. Other posts are dealing with testing the Internet of Things, how to ask good questions as software tester and how often do you really fix a “failing” automated check. And last but not least there is another Testing in the Pub episode dealing with the topic “At Let’s Test 2015”, you should listen to it!

Enjoy reading the posts.

Testing for Security With the Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) places a lot of pressure on security testers to ensure that applications on these appliances are protected from threats.

How GroupOn Automates App Performance Testing | Testdroid Learn from this guest blog how GroupOn does testing, what type of infrastructure and frameworks they use for test automation, and their tips for system
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottA Coaching Cafe Service Menu – Stephen Janaway A coaching services menu which I used when setting up a coaching team to support software testers and agile teams. Please, stop telling testers how to test!
9-5 testers Neil StuddWhat’s wrong with 9-to-5 testers? – Neil Studd
Testing the Internet of Things The Mobile Revolution changed testing forever. Learn how the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the testing industry once again, and what we can do about it!
How to ask good question for testers? -AskTester
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting In the Pub Episode 18 – At Let’s Test 2015 – Testing In The Pub Testing In the Pub Episode 18 – this time we are live from the Let’s Test conference
Friendly Tester: How Often Do You Really Fix A “Failing” Automated Check

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