Reading Recommendations # 20

The 20th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 9 blog posts. There are posts dealing with the following topics, how a nasty bug iOS message bug can crash the whole phone by just receiving a message, there is the announcement post for the Google Test Automation Conference 2015 in Cambridge (greater Boston), a post about the real world, a very interesting post about where software testers should go for vacation and why eBay rejects ISO 29119. Furthermore, there is a post from Markus Gaertner why you should attend CAST 2015, how to think like a tester. There is a post about the topic test all or test small and how Atlassian moved from Quality Assurance to Quality Assistance.

Enjoy reading the posts.

iOS bug causes Messages to crash, iPhone to reboot when a certain text is received | 9to5Mac

Google Testing Blog: GTAC 2015 Coming to Cambridge (Greater Boston) in November
Software Testing – a Sisyphean Task?: In the Real World
Where Should Testers Go For Vacation? | Tips & Tricks
testjutsu » eBay rejects ISO29119 and standardisation of software testing
Why you should go to CAST | Markus Gärtner
How to think like  tester – QA Hipster
Test all or Test small? | Knowledge Tester Recently a tester friend of mine discussed one of the classic problems of testing. You are about to release your next version and tested all areas on a “Release Candidate (RC)” build and then you find one issue that is big enough to ask for a new build. Now you get another RC build. Should…
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottMoving from quality assurance to quality assistance

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