Writing for Mobile-Zeitgeist

Mobile-Zeitgeist Logo - Adventures in QAMaybe some of you, especially the german speaking readers of my blog, have noticed it. I am now writing blog post from time to time also on Mobile-Zeitgeist. Mobile-Zeitgeist is a known german blog about the mobile world which covers topics like mobile marketing, mobile advertisement, mobile commerce, mobile web & apps, mobile markets, mobile solutions, mobile development and any kind of mobile technologies. Besides that mobile-zeitgeist is also providing a mobile job section.

Since years, I am a reader of this blog and in the beginning of this year I thought, why not writing for them to add some mobile testing topics to this great blog. I contacted Heike Scholz, who is the creator of this blog and she really liked my commitment to contribute to the blog.

My first blog post was a general overview of mobile testing and the challenges that mobile testers need to solve.

Mobile App Testing – Ein Überblick | mobile zeitgeist Mobile App Testing ist kein Hexenwerk, erfordert jedoch gegenüber den bekannten Software Testverfahren ein paar Anpassungen.

The second post was about mobile device fragmentation and how to solve this challenge with so called mobile device groups.

Android Fragmentation: Mobile Apps effektiv testen | mobile zeitgeist Die zunehmende Fülle verschiedener Geräte mit Android (Fragmentation) zwingt auch beim App-Testing zu vereinfachten Verfahren.

The third one is about the mobile device coverage index from the company Perfecto Mobile.

Mobile Testing: Auf welchen Geräten muss man testen? | mobile zeitgeist Welche Devices muss man aussuchen, will man möglichst viele Varianten in seinem Zielmarkt abdecken. Hilfe in Zeiten der Fragmentierung.

There will be more mobile testing posts from me on mobile-zeitgeist in the near future. But don’t worry! My blog will be the central place where I write about new stuff in the mobile testing world as well as new ideas, tools and anything that is maybe of interest for you.

Whenever I write a new article for mobile-zeitgeist, I will add the posts to my publications section as well as on my Adventures in QA Facebook page.