Cloud Test Lab by Google

Google is going to launch a new product called Cloud Test Lab which will be available this summer for developers and testers within the Google Play Developer Console. Google will provide the twenty most popular Android devices from around the world that can be used to test your app on real devices. Besides that, there will be lots of virtual devices as well.

Twenty devices is not that much, there are other cloud testing provider offering more than 1000 real devices in the cloud but also for lots of money. The new service offered by Google will be for free and I really think they will add more devices over the time.

Google mentioned that developers or testers just have to upload their apps to the service and the offered tool will automatically test every app section. When there are crashes, Google Cloud Test Lab will generate a crash log and is also providing access to a video to see what went wrong. I am really looking forward to Cloud Test Lab and how Google will integrate tools like UIAutomator or Espresso.

If you are interested in the new service, there is an early access form where you can register to get further information in the upcoming weeks.

When the service is available in the Google Play Developer Console I will write about it.

Happy Testing!

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