Reading Recommendations # 19

The 19th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 9 blog posts and one video. There are posts dealing with the topics if agile teams don’t need testers, what a grandma can teach you about programming and automation, a very interesting post from Neil Studd about testing for dark patterns. There is another post about the evolution of the error, a post about mistakes. Another post is describing a leader’s framework for decision making, Mark Miller is writing about great leadear’s serve. A very interesting article from Maaret Pyhäjärvi about on how wait times improved her testing. The last article is from John Stevenson about technical vs. non-technical testers.

Enjoy reading the posts.

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottAgile teams don’t need testers – They need Quality Coach | Scandinavian Coder

What my Grandmother taught me about Programming and Automation – Joe Colantonio – Succeeding with Test Automation Awesomeness. I’ll show you how! Programming Automation Code Smells
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting for Dark Patterns – Neil Studd
The evolution of the error | thinkpurpose For the past two years or so you’ve been getting bills from npower for gas. But you’ve had no gas supply in your flat for about 20 years when you had the boiler and meter taken out, and your heating and power are all electric now. No gas. When you get these npower bills for…
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottMistakes | The Creativity Post A philosophical look at avoiding repeating mistakes.
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottA Leader’s Framework for Decision Making | Harvard Business Review
Great Leaders Serve | By Mark Miller | Today’s Challenge: “What… Me a Leader?” As I travel the country meeting with leaders, I find many of the questions featured in my posts. Today, I’m in Birmingham and a leader asked, “How do y
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottA Seasoned Tester’s Crystal Ball: Wait times taught me to improve testing
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottThe expected result was 42. Now what was the test?: Technical and Non-Technical Testing Skills

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Happy Testing!