Printed Edition of Hands-On Mobile App Testing

Hands-On Mobile App Testing - Adventures in QAMy book Hands-On Mobile App Testing is now available in the printed copy edition in all online and offline bookstores. If you visit the book landing page you get further information about the book as well as a free chapter.

If you are interested in some more details about each chapter you can have a look at the rough cuts on safari books online.

I am very happy and proud that I was able to write this book. While writing the book I improved some of my personal skills. For example, I improved my english writing skills (at least I hope so :)). I learned that it is very important to be focused on a certain topic instead of jumping through chapters. I improved my organizational skills, I learned to be patient, critical to myself and to be tenacious.

At the end it took me over 1.5 years to finish this project and it would have never been possible without the great people who supported me in shaping the content of this book. Therefore, I want to say thank you to Elizabeth Ryan and Christopher Guzikowski from Pearson Education who helped me during the whole production phases of the book. I want to say thank you to Markus Gärtner who introduced me to Pearson Education and last but not least I want to say thank you to all my proof readers:

  • Tobias Geyer
  • Dominik Dary
  • Rudolf Grötz
  • Dagmar Mathes
  • Sergej Mudruk
  • Christoph Wielgus
  • Andrew Rennison

You are just awesome! If I ever consider to write another book, I will contact you again!

For those who are interested in purchasing the book, have a look at the following links:

The ISBN(s) of the book are

ISBN-10: 0134191714
ISBN-13: 9780134191713

If you have any kind of feedback or questions about the content of the book, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Testing!