Reading Recommendations # 17

The 17th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains 9 blog posts and one video interview with the winning team of Software Testing World Cup 2014 from Brazil. This time the posts I recommend are dealing with the following topics. How blogging can make you more productive, a nice story about little tim and the messy house, testing where is the excitement or testing is a skill greater than just software testing. Furthermore, there is one post dealing with leadership advices, how to test your API with Cucumber or why software testers wear many hats.

Enjoy reading the posts.

10 Ways Blogging Has Made Me More Productive | Time Management Ninja

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottLittle Tim and the messy house
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottTesting……where is the excitement? » Testing is a skill greater than just software testing
14 Must-Follow Pieces of Leadership Advice | Switch & Shift14 Must-Follow Pieces of Leadership Advice | Switch & ShiftYEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some more folks about the best leadership advice they’ve ever received. Here are the responses.
Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottCucumber >> Test your external API with Cucumber | Abode QA Introducing an extension to Cucumber that allows BDD-style testing of API If it is your first time hearing about Cucumber or BDD in general, no sweat. In
Is Perfectionism Causing You to Miss Out on Life’s Joy?
New Leaders – Get Good Information and Build Relationships All new leaders face similar challenges. Establishing your style, values and culture effectively and quickly are key to a good start.
Why Software Testers Wear Many Hats: Blue | Software Test Management | Testuff Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats are complementary stages within project management. Learn how to apply these 6 cognitive Hats to software testing.

Have a look at the interview which Pete Walen did with the winning team C.E.S.A.R. from Brazil:

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Happy Testing!