My Mobile Apps

In one of my last posts I was writing about my software testing tools that I am using on a daily basis during work. After writing the post about the software testing tools, this post about my mobile apps came to my mind. I am always asking other people what kind of apps they are using and I get this question from time to time as well.

Therefore, I wanted to provide you with an overview of the apps I am using on a daily basis on my Nexus 5.

My Mobile Apps

Blogging/ Files

Mail/ Messaging/ Calendar

  • Gmail: Using it for mail 🙂
  • Whats App: This should be clear, using for messaging
  • Threema: Using it because some friends thinks it is more secure.
  • Google Hangouts: Using it mainly for old school SMS or as Chrome Extension and when on the move as well.
  • Google Calendar: Organizing stuff



  • Accuweather: Used to get the current weather in the status bar
  • Weather updates
  • WeatherPro: Weather updates
  • Regenradar: An app to get the current rain situation based on your location. You need this in Hamburg :).


Games, nothing to explain :).

Video / Music


Social Networks

  • XING: Business social network where I am working 🙂
  • Twitter: Usage is clear :).
  • Fenix: Like this twitter client, give it a try. Using it for my second twitter account.
  • Instagram: To share unimportant images :).
  • Linkedin as Web App: Used as Web App, because native version wants too many rights.
  • Facebook as Web App: The same for the Facebook app, too many rights and slows down my phone.
  • Meetup: Used for user groups
  • Google+: Just using it to post my blog posts.


  • Google Fit: Activated it once to see how many steps I am doing within a day, since then I like it.


What are your favorite apps? I am also looking for app recommendations! Would love to see some comments on that.

Happy Testing!