Mobile A/B Testing Tools

Mobile A/B Testing Tools - Adventures in QA

This post is dealing with A/B testing tools for mobile apps. A/B testing is nothing new and is a common instrument in the Marketing, Business Intelligence as well as in the software development industry. A/B testing is often used in Web based applications to test which version or variant of the Website is performing better in terms of revenue or click rates compared to the original one. The Smashing Magazine published a nice guide about A/B testing including Do’s and Dont’s.

A couple of weeks ago I thought about A/B testing in the mobile app world. In my last projects we were always performing usability tests with customers in order to get a feeling for the app and how features are working. We never thought about A/B testing. I started a little research and found the great overview about mobile A/B testing tools from the company

The post contains 20 A/B testing tools for mobile apps (However, 2 tools are not available anymore, so there are 18 tools listed in this post). Every tool is presented with a short introduction and a first impression. I just list all the tools in my post, however if you want to get a much broader overview check the post from

Mobile A/B Testing Tools

As you can see the list is pretty long and nearly every tool has different features and ways to integrate it in a mobile app. Some of the mentioned tools are for free. If you are looking for an A/B testing tool for your mobile app I recommend to check for the following points:

  1. Is the tool providing the right feature set I need for my app and testing purpose?
  2. Is the tool easy to install and fast to integrate?
  3. Is the tool easy to use, also for non techie people?

The guys from added some more points that you should consider before choosing a tool.

In the next upcoming weeks I will dive deeper in A/B testing tools and will come up with another post.

If you have some experience with mobile A/B testing tools or any kind of recommendations, please use the comment feature to share your knowledge :).

Happy Testing!