Reading Recommendations # 14

The 14th issue of my software testing reading recommendations contains five blog posts and one podcast. There are very interesting posts dealing with the topics that more end-to-end tests are not efficient, an introduction to security testing with Kali Linux and how to improve testing by Gojko Adzic.

There is a great post from Joel Montvelisky about peripheral vision and peripheral testing, a post from Johanna Rothman is dealing with no estimates and as usual the podcast from Stephen & Dan is always worth listen to. This time the topic is “The Right Thing vs. The Thing Right”.

My favorite posts of this issue is the one from Google about “Just Say No to More End-to-End Tests” and the post about peripheral vision and peripheral testing.

Enjoy reading the posts.

Google Testing Blog: Just Say No to More End-to-End Tests

Reading Recommendations Daniel KnottAdventures in Automation: Security Testing with Kali Linux: Intro and Installation
To improve testing, snoop on the competition – Gojko Adzic
Testing In The PubTesting In the Pub Episode 17 – The Right Thing vs. The Thing Right – Testing In The Pub Testing In the Pub – a software testing podcast from Stephen Janaway and Dan Ashby. In this episode we talk about The Right Thing vs The Thing Right.
Peripheral vision and peripheral testing | QA Intelligence Peripheral vision is the way you can catch stuff from the corner or your eye. In this same way, peripheral testing is how sometimes you are able to find bugs on
AgileConnection | How Do Your Estimates Provide Value? If you are agile, you might spend some time estimating. If you’re using Scrum, you estimate what you can do in an iteration so you can meet your “commitment.” But estimation is a problem for many agile projects. The larger the effort, the more difficult it is to estimate. You can’t depend on ideal days. Do your estimates provide value? To whom?

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Happy Testing!